Music producer/Composer


Recent work:

Placement: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
Song: Unleashed played on VH1 show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta


Placement: Nickolodeon News.

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Signed: Marmoset Music roster
See artist profile and hear the new songs here:

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Placement: Nieman Marcus
Scored Nieman Marcus' 2022 spring campaign. 

Placement: Anxious People
Made music for Netflix Nordic teaser for the tv-show "Anxious people":

Signed: 3 songs with Janaé E 
New tracks with Janaé E. x KrisSweden signed to agencies.

Placement: Reel
Music for RVRSPlay's new video Reel

Signed: Two driving Electro rock songs 
New driving, distorted, attitude tracks made for briefs and signed.

Placement: The Flash
Renewed license for "Break my fall" for The Flash on CW.

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